Find your perfect natural perfume match

Find your perfect natural perfume match

There is nothing better than putting on your favourite perfume. It's a mood changing, confidence boosting and energising addition to your day.

We've put together a quick, simplified guide to help you find your perfect perfume match, or matches!

All our perfumes are made with 100% natural ingredients only. Many of our perfumes come as both a solid and a spray perfume. Our solid perfumes use an organic Beeswax base and this can add a slight warmth to the blend. Our spray Eau De Parfum's also come as sample sizes so that you can easily trial different scents.

The lighter side

If you prefer lighter, zingy, fresh notes these perfumes might be a good match for you.

Citrus Zest Cologne

This is crisp and zesty scent with key notes of Lemon, Bergamot and Rosemary. A light cologne spritz that instantly refreshes you with an airy burst of citrus and slightly herbal notes.

Blue Lotus Eau De Parfum (Spray) and Blue Lotus (Solid) Perfume

With soft floral and citrusy notes it is a lovely fresh blend. Blue Lotus is a rare essential oil and is described as having a sweet and herbal/green scent. This perfume is a great bridge for those that haven't worn natural perfume before and it's one of our top sellers.

Flower lovers rejoice!

Does walking into a shop of blooms fill you with joy? These natural perfumes below might be a good match for you.

Tara Rose Eau De Parfum (Spray) and Tara Rose Solid Perfume

If you love rose in a perfume this is likely for you! We use true precious rose essential oil which has a delectable rich rosy/earthy scent! Tara Rose also has key notes of Amber and Bergamot, and has a soft powdery finish.

Soft Botanic Eau De Parfum (Spray) and Soft Botanic Solid Perfume

Do you love musk? This soft floral, musky scent is the perfect match for lovers of musk. It has notes of Geranium, Patchouli & Rosewood, which adds a slightly spicy and earthy base. 

Night Market Eau De Parfum (Spray) and Night Market Solid Perfume

This is a Jasmine lovers delight. Named by one of our lovely customers who found it reminiscent of walking through a night market in her birth place of Pakistan. The heady scents of night blooming Jasmine, Ginger and Tuberose mingling on the night air. 

Pepper Petal Eau De Parfum (Spray) 

A complex multi layered modern spiced floral. An enlivening oriental scent that blends key notes of Rose, Jasmine and Pepper. 

Into the woods we go...

A collection of scents with earthy, spicy, woody or warm characteristics. 

Oakmoss Eau De Parful (Spray) and Oakmoss Solid Perfume

Imagine walking into a deep overgrown mossy forrest filled with warm sunshine, rich fresh cut wood and the faint smell of a warm crackling fire! It's a bold, strong woodsy and peppery scent with key notes of Oakmoss, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Bergamot.

Warm Amber Eau De Parfum (Spray) and Warm Amber Solid Perfume

This is always a hit with those that love Vanilla and Amber. It's a warm and rich scent - initially light and sweet with a deep resonant and satisfying undertone. Interwoven with the lighter fresh, fruity and spicy scent of Bergamot.

Spiced Cocoa Solid Perfume

A  gourmand scent that features key notes of Patchouli, Cacao and Pepper. It has a warm enveloping sweetness balanced with rich earthy undertones. With a hint of floral scent, it's an incredibly addictive medium bodied scent.

The perfect perfume can positively change the way you feel and bring joy to those around you. We love crafting unique natural blends that reflect your personality.

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