Reviews for products

“I have been using this cream since Charlie was a month old (he is now seven months) and absolutely love it. He has sensitive skin and gets dermatitis as well as dry skin on his face. This is the only cream that helps clear it up. I had tried other products from the chemist which actually made his skin worse. I also like knowing that i am using a natural product on his skin. I would recommend this cream to anyone who has a baby or toddler with dry or sensitive skin.” by Natalie

“I was wearing Poised Perfume the other night and a man approached me to let me know he was really distracted by my perfume. I asked him if it was too much and he replied, ‘No, not at all, you smell amazing! I’m finding it so distracting.’ I was flattered by the compliment.” by Julie.

“Hi Cherie, thank you for the healing hand/skin saving soap & Promenade hand cream products  Last week my hands were sore, cracked and dry after spending a great deal of time in the garden  I had been washing my hands in the laundry using a commercial soap pump that was drying the skin more.  When the skin was very uncomfortable I made more of an effort to use the bathroom where I keep your products.  Within 24 hours the skin began to heal, such a relief.  Thank you.”  by Kaye

“My mum introduced me to this face cleanser about 8 months ago and now I will never go back to anything else! It’s so gentle on my skin, leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, and I don’t have any break outs or dryness. Best face cleanser I have ever used and highly recommended!” by Stephanie

“This smells absolutely divine! I use it as a moisturiser and as a massage balm, it moisturises incredibly well and my skin feels beautifully soft afterwards.” by Gianna

“Oh my goodness, your natural deodorant paste works.  Thank you so much for making such an amazing product.  I’ve been on the search for a natural deodorant for many years but have had no satisfaction. It takes a little bit of getting used to applying the paste but it’s amazing how a tiny bit goes a long way and how long it’s effective for.”  by Rachael

“I was gifted some walnut face scrub and it is AMAZING. It makes my skin feel so fresh and clean. I love it.” by Lynda

“I absolutely love your products.  Especially the deodorant, it is really good and actually works and the body scrub is unbelievable.  Have just enjoyed a nice warm bath and my skin and feet are feeling very soft and smooth.”  by Kerry

Reviews for courses

“Wonderful products! Had a great time at the perfumery course…learnt so much can’t wait to do more of your courses. Thanks again”  by Jaimee Lee

“What a beautiful natural perfumery class last night – thank you so much Cherie! I have been playing with my new creations all day and can’t quite believe how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get my supplies and bring out my inner alchemist! Thank you for such a thoughtful, informative evening.” by Andrea

“I just wanted to thank you Cherie for the natural perfume making course I attended at your beautiful shop this morning. I really enjoyed it! The course was very informative and so much fun! You are an awesome teacher and really know your craft. I’m going to enjoy wearing the perfumes we created and experimenting with making them at home too! Xox” by Julie

“Cherie Em’s perfume course today was amazing! It looked like something fun Elisa and I could share, but it was waaay better than anticipated. So, if you want to learn a little about how perfume works and its history, and a LOT about how to make some wonderful, personal, cruelty-free perfumes…go!  Plus we got to take home lots of smellies.” By Caroline

“Thank you Cherie for a wonderful course, I’ve been waiting for this course like this for many years. Your course was lots of fun and very inspiring, can’t wait to start my own range too! I’ll be recommending this course to others too. Thanks again.”  By Claire

“Thankyou for a great course!!! Can’t wait to start exploring on my own .. Highly recommend doing a course with Cherie !!!” By Dianne

“Cherie’s warm, friendly personality was evident from the time we made the booking (my best friend and myself), she was so helpful in making sure it would be an experience we would enjoy doing together.  That followed through to the course which was so interesting and so hands on. She made sure all our needs were catered for.  I left that night feeling like I had just done something very special and I had.  All my friends love my new solid perfumes and are putting in their orders!!!” by Angela 

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