Vanilla & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Paste

A 100% Natural Deodorant Paste that is free from Aluminium, Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances and Preservatives.  It has great lasting power and the ingredients are both oil absorbing and anti-bacterial leaving your body to sweat naturally without the strong body odour smells.

To experience Apply a small amount to armpits and reapply as necessary.  Discontinue use if irritation continues.

Product may soften in extremely hot weather.  Place in fridge to harden if needed.  In extremely cold weather product may be stiffer (massage in hands to warm until it softens to a spreadable paste).

Ingredients Organic Shea Butter, Sodium Bicarbonate (Aluminium Free), Coconut Oil, Arrowroot, Cornflour, French White Clay, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Glycerin, Essential Oils of Vanilla & Patchouli

Further information about our natural deodorant paste and how it differs from a antiperspirant can be found by clicking here.



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15g, 60g

2 reviews for Vanilla & Patchouli Natural Deodorant Paste

  1. Gianna Grbich

    This is a great natural deodorant and I use it daily – its lightly scented so smells good without interfering with your perfume choice. It also actually works, even when exercising.

  2. Cheryl Hunt

    We have been using the Cherie Em deodorant paste for around four years now and won’t use anything else. Vanilla & Patchouli is our favourite fragrance. Only a small amount is needed and it works well. Also gives us peace of mind knowing that it’s a natural product. I can highly recommend it and encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a go.

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