Sweet Dreams Lavender Pillow Spray

Beautiful all natural Lavender spray infused with the finest Australian and French Lavenders.  Beautiful bottle, perfect size for small gifts and travelling.

To Experience: Use as a linen spray when a calming feeling is needed.  Can also be used as a clothing spray, room spray or body mist.



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15ml, 100ml Refill



2 reviews for Sweet Dreams Lavender Pillow Spray

  1. Diane Thompson

    I bought my first bottle of Sweet Dreams Pillow when we were on holiday in Brighton 3 weeks and yesterday I drove back from our home in the Adelaide Hills to get a 100ml refill bottle! I just love it. I look forward to laying my head on the pillow every night. It’s so relaxing and calming. If I wake during the night I respray and I find going back to sleep much easier. Thank you Cherie x

  2. Janeece

    This pillow spray is divine , I spray it on our pillows before getting into bed and the aroma calms my senses and I drift away . A must have – also beautiful for that added touch to guest room. LOVE

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