At Cherie Em we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. We provide refillable and recyclable packaging options to customers, minimise plastics and use sustainably sourced natural ingredients. Our goal is always to achieve Zero Waste.

We are in the process of developing products that have no packaging.  For more information please email us at

Zero Waste

We are committed to our manufacturing process being Zero Waste. We recycle all soft & hard plastics, cardboard and paper, use compostable cotton tips and paper towel (which we compost in our own organic garden).

Any online orders are wrapped with recycled bubble wrap, from our suppliers and we use biodegradable Sellotape.

Zero Waste Workshop Series

We are in the process of creating a Zero Waste Online workshop series so you can make as many natural products a possible. Please send us an email to if you would like to go on the notification list for this series.

Zero Waste mandala

Recently we had the privilege of Sue Norman creating a very special Zero Waste Mandala on the beach at Brighton. It was a very fun and rewarding experience of taking our Zero Waste message further into the community. A full blog post about the creation of the mandala and information about Sue Norman and her amazing work is coming very soon.

If you look closely at the mandala you can see that Sue has very creatively incorporated our Loofahs into her design.


Yes, we refill! Refills are currently available in store for the following products:

If you have a favourite product that you would like refilled, just let us know in store and we will arrange to bring in the product to be refilled. 

If you are able to wash your bottles and jars out (& sterilise if possible) that would be very much appreciated. This can be easily done by putting your jars through a hot dishwasher.

If you have jars and bottles that are ours and you have finished using them and would like to drop them off to us, then we are happy to recycle them for you.  Sometimes we are able to use these jars to provide samples to customers. It is much appreciated by our customers, especially those with sensitive skin.


All Cherie Em’s products are mainly packaged in glass. Where at all possible, we do not use any plastic packaging or cardboard boxes for the final product.

Some of our products such as Bath Bombs, Bar Soaps, Loofah Soaps and Organic Massage Bars require no packaging at all and we will wrap them in recyclable materials for you.

We are in the process of developing a Castile Soap Paste so that you can dilute the paste with water and bottle Castile Soap in your own bottles.  Please email Cherie at about this development which is expected to be ready by 30th September 2022.

Our gift boxes are cellophane free and beautifully wrapped. We have designed them so you can easily up-cycle them for your gifts to your loved ones.

Natural Ingredients

All our raw materials are derived from nature. They are cruelty free, free from petrochemicals, and only use safe preservatives.

Sustainably Sourced

Ingredients are ethically sourced from suppliers who use sustainable farming processes and are cruelty free.

We currently grow some of our ingredients on our property and are working towards growing many more with the focus on native Australian ingredients.


We welcome any suggestions that you may have to help us to become more environmentally responsible.

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