Organic shea butter

Rich natural Shea Butter: the best skin moisturiser

Benefits of organic shea butter

In Ghana, where the dry winds across the Sahara take a heavy toll on the skin, they call it the ‘wonder tree’.

Shea butter it is from the nuts of the majestic, tall and even ‘sacred’ African shea tree, from which a whitish fat is extracted in order to make shea butter.

So while the shea tree is called the ‘wonder tree’, shea butter is often called a ‘skin superfood’. That’s because the Africans were among the first to apply shea butter to dry, cracked skin and lips and discover its amazing moisturising qualities. They also apply it to dry, brittle hair to prevent it from breaking and even falling out. Shea butter is considered to have been a secret of the beautiful Egyptian queen Nefertiti and even the biblical queen of Sheba.

What’s so great about shea butter?

Shea butter is packed full of the kinds of vitamins, compounds and nutrients that our skin simply thrives on. Shea butter boasts vitamins A and E, allantoin and essential fatty acids that promote the growth of skin-beautifying collagen. Collagen makes skin more elastic and free of fine lines.

It is also a natural, UV-protecting sun cream, its cinnamic acid is a natural anti-inflammatory, and other acids leave the skin looking and feeling smooth and moist.

Skin superfood, indeed.

So what else is shea butter good for?

• An all-natural moisturiser and massage balm
• An under-eye and bag-reducing balm
• Home-made deodorant base
• Balm for treating pregnancy stretch marks and scars
• Balm for cracked heels
• Nappy balm
• Sunburn or wind exposure treatment
• Cuticle cream
• An eye-makeup base
• Nose treatment for colds and flus
• Natural treatment for minor burns and cuts

So, all these centuries after Queen Nefertiti discovered the beauty and healing secrets of shea butter, how should you use it today?

How to use shea butter

Firstly, buy a superior shea butter product - try our Organic Shea Balm. Also check that the shea butter is fair trade.

For great results, apply after showering when the skin is moist and warm and the pores are open. In summer, simply apply a small amount on to the skin and let it melt in. Shea butter softens in your hands as it warms and this makes it easy to work with. In winter, you may like to leave the heater on and wait 10 minutes for the skin to naturally absorb the shea butter after a thorough massage.

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