Cocoa Butter – A sensual treat for skin

Chocolate is delicious. It’s almost addictive, sweet and delightful, and it gets some wonderful endorphins moving around your body- instant happy! For those of us who love chocolate but don’t want to indulge for health reasons, this can cause a lot of torment- it’s basically agony! Chocolate is described by

Chocolates, coffee and spices laide amongst hessian.

Gourmand Perfumes

GOURMAND PERFUMES A gourmand perfume is also described as ‘an olfactory desert’; a perfume that consists primarily of edible notes, and connects our bond between fragrances and taste- they smell delicious and are utterly nostalgic- pure magic! Nalia Hamayed, Creative Director of Givuadan, recently spoke to Perfumer & Flavourist (

Perfume, eau de toilette, all of the others; what do they mean?

Perfume, eau de toilette, all of the others; what do they mean? With so many delightful and different fragrance options available today, it is no wonder that it can take sitting down and delving into to understand what each of them mean and what contrasts exist between them. The truth

A selection of scrubs.

The beautiful benefits of body scrub, and how to scrub at home.

Why use a body scrub? Body scrubs and body scrubbing have been popular in the spa and beauty world for many years now, and for good reason. Going much further than basic exfoliation, a good body scrub encourages relaxation, detoxification, heightened skin moisture and youthfulness and rejuvenation. We often forget

Mocha Dream gourmand perfume next to a cocoa bean.

Vanilla in Natural Perfumery

Why is vanilla useful in natural perfumery?  Vanilla is a beautifully useful base note and fixative (holds perfume notes for longer) in natural perfumery, especially in Oriental and Gourmand perfumes. In a balanced perfume, vanilla evokes pleasurable emotions and memories that are exotic, relaxing and sensual (hence it is a

Natural Deodorant Paste

Natural Deodorant Paste

CHERIE EM’S NATURAL DEODORANT   Making the switch to natural beauty products means that we are looking at anything we are putting on our skin and eliminating any products that have nasty, toxic ingredients in them.  Deodorants and antiperspirants are products we don’t want to eliminate from our natural beauty

What is Natural Perfumery?

A little bit of history of Natural Perfumery At Cherie Em we are passionate about reviving the lost art of Natural Perfumery.  Perfumery in the 20th Century was replaced with synthetics and mass marketed products. Natural or Botanical perfumery is an ancient practice which uses only natural aromatic plant materials

Organic essential oil aromatic roll on blends

Cherie Em’s wonderful experience at a National Awards Event

  I’ve just had the most tremendous time at my very first Ausmumpreneur Awards event in Melbourne on the weekend. (I was a finalist in the Product Innovation category). I arrived in Melbourne for judging with apprehension about what would unfold.  That apprehension was quickly dissolved as soon as I

Natural organic perfumes

Musings On Natural Perfumery

A little while ago I ran a competition to give away a natural perfume to see what the Cherie Em followers thought of Natural Perfumery. I was elated by the wide variety of responses that were received as comments for this competition. I ran this competition as I wanted to

Showing the texture of Mocha Latte Body Scrub.

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