Champagne Bath: Shop Window Display

Imagine this – it’s been a long and stressful day at work (not hard to imagine I’m guessing). You finally have a moment to yourself and decide to draw a long hot bath. As the water gushes from the tap and steams and rises, you add a few of your

OakNoir: Shop Window Display

To celebrate the recent launch of our new mens range OakNoir, we decided to create a fresh shop window display at our shop. OakNoir products are all vegan, natural, and use organic ingredients. Plus, in line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, these products come in glass containers which are

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

One of our favourite times of the year is Mother’s Day, Mum’s truly deserve a medal for all their love, work and care!  Unfortunately, this year has probably been one of the toughest on record for everyone. In particular, your Mum is probably putting in double time worrying about how

Calendula Benefits and Uses

Calendula: A Plant With Many Benefits & Uses

Calendula: Not Just A Pretty Flower! Many Australian summer gardens boast the bright orange to yellow flowers of calendulas. This delightfully colourful plant is much more than just pleasing to the eye. Calendulas (Calendula officinails) is a member of the Asteraceae Family and has a wide variety of benefits and uses. Calendula can be

The Humble Bath – Tips for a Perfect Night in

The ultimate bath tips An experience that will do more than just clean your skin Leave your troubles behind, immerse yourself in the embrace of the warm water, lean back, soak your feet, and relax – all in your own humble bathtub. Our bath tips will help you to pamper

Why I Love Teaching

I love making products for my shops and I also love teaching my craft. The biggest reason I love teaching is that I am incredibly passionate all things natural, zero waste, sustainable living, cruelty free beauty and encouraging people to DIY for themselves and gifts for loved ones.  I also

Unley Shopping Centre’s Mum’s High Treat

What an amazing time we had introducing a group of lovely ladies to Essential Oil blending (in either a Room Spray or Body Oil blend) at this special Mother’s Day event at Unley Shopping Centre.   There were 64 ladies in total who were treated to local delicacies by many of

Loofah – a great multi purpose product

There are very few gifts that are vegan, fun, pretty to look at, and good for your skin, while being totally plastic free and producing zero waste. What is a Loofa? Many people think that the crazily versatile loofah is a sea sponge. It’s actually a dried vegetable. The loofah

Glorious Jasmine

Jasmine surprises and delights Jasmine is believed to have originated from India where there are dozens of different types. It is also native to China, the Middle East and some parts of western Asia. There are now more than 200 different types of this entrancing, fragrant shrub and I have

Showing the texture of Mocha Latte Body Scrub.

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