Champagne Bath: Shop Window Display

Imagine this – it’s been a long and stressful day at work (not hard to imagine I’m guessing). You finally have a moment to yourself and decide to draw a long hot bath. As the water gushes from the tap and steams and rises, you add a few of your favourite Lavender Bath Bomb Halves. The bath bombs fizz across the water in an exuberant and happy dance and the bathroom fills with the rich calming scent of Lavender. This makes you think of something…fizzy. You pop out to the fridge and find yourself a baby bottle of zesty bubbles hiding behind a jar of olives and pour yourself a tall flute of the golden elixir, before carefully sliding into the inviting hot steamy water. Your body instantly relaxes as you lie back, you take a sip from the flute, and clear your mind of the day and inhale the rich Lavender scent. 

This lovely combination is how we got the kernel of the idea for the Champagne Bath window display! Who doesn’t like drinking a champagne in the bath? 

The thought of champagne made us instantly think of a wedding and we loved the idea of incorporating shades of a spring wedding theme. Little spring blossoms have been showing up all over Adelaide and making us think of the coming season. Our first sketch, on the right, drew on the idea of a wedding cake and champagne flutes. After all, in our minds, a bath can be a very special event!

The first through was to make the bath bombs appear to be a Croquenbouche cake. Cherie uses French Perfumery techniques in her creations, so we love a nod to these roots! Not to mention, a pile of bath bombs would work perfectly in this form – or so we thought.

To be fair, though, we did have some doubts about the structural soundness of bath bombs in this form. Cherie made up a mini Croquenbouche and kept it in her car to see how durable it was. Everything was going well, until disaster struck and the structure broke into a number of pieces. This led to plan B, a high tea cake stand instead.

Flower’s were a must to add to our design, but we weren’t sure at this stage if they would be paper, dried or fresh flowers. After some investigation we discovered that there is such a variety of beautiful dried flowers available at the moment. These were perfect to incorporate into our display. The lightness, also meant that the flowers were perfect for hanging behind the display as a pretty floral curtain.

Cherie made over 100 bath bombs for display, these were distributed throughout the design and we used every single one! But don’t worry, although these bath bombs are for display only, they will be put to good use once we disassemble. We also have lots of freshly made bath bombs online or visit our bath bomb bar in the shop. You can also buy refillable glass jars, so you can take care of both yourself and the environment.

To fill the champagne flutes we couldn’t resist using our Always Roses Bath Salts. What could better represent pink champagne?!

The Results

Putting this display together was an absolute joy, we loved and creating something thats fun for everyone to enjoy. We would love to know what you think – leave your comments below!

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