OakNoir: Shop Window Display

To celebrate the recent launch of our new mens range OakNoir, we decided to create a fresh shop window display at our shop. OakNoir products are all vegan, natural, and use organic ingredients. Plus, in line with our commitment to environmental responsibility, these products come in glass containers which are refillable and  recyclable.

All good things start as a rough sketch, and in our case, a crazy idea. We wanted to create a magical mountain scene out of huge chunks of soap from the range, in it’s raw uncut state!

One of the highlights of this range, is the use of activated charcoal – this features in our Bath Salts and Charcoal Soap. The challenge was to find a way of creatively representing this. Our ‘pie in the sky’ idea was to hang large chunks of charcoal from hooks in the ceiling. This would create an interesting curtain of charcoal to beautifully frame our landscape scene. 

The first step was to determine if the charcoal chunks that we were using would create a mess! For visual effect we bought some standard barbecue charcoal from the local Bunnings – but don’t worry we actually use activated charcoal in our products. Activated charcoal has amazing detoxifying properties and is one of our favourite product ingredients.

Before getting to the shop, charcoal was hung in various places and monitored for mess. To our surprise the mess was minimal if dusted off first.

Armed with some dark bathroom tiles (thanks again Bunnings!), hooks, hammer, charcoal, huge chunks of soap and a lot of fishing wire, we started the process of putting it all together. It was a delicate and fun process of building and careful construction. We particularly wanted to feature one of the most popular items from this range, Face + Beard Oil. To do this we built a high tower of soap blocks, which is actually a lot trickier that you think – Soap is a little slippery, so with the help of a bit of calving and some steady hands we were able to achieve a solid and steady mountain. To enhance the landscape we scattered activated charcoal and bath salts.

The Results

With a little help from customers and passers by, to ensure that our display was straight and visually on point (thankyou!) and wonderful coffee from the local cafe’s to keep us on track – we were able to put together a display that we loved. What do you think? We would love to hear your comments below! We had so much fun with our window design, that I think this will be a regular thing.

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