The Humble Bath – Tips for a Perfect Night in

The ultimate bath tips

An experience that will do more than just clean your skin

Leave your troubles behind, immerse yourself in the embrace of the warm water, lean back, soak your feet, and relax – all in your own humble bathtub. Our bath tips will help you to pamper yourself and experience the perfect treat after all life’s daily chores and challenges are behind you.

The bath is one place where you can unplug the phone, shut the door, and forget about the world’s noises.  Over the course of a week you may spend very little time in the bath but that precious interlude can be beneficial for both body and soul.

“The bath is one of the places I prefer, certainly not a place I leave readily, a place where one can close the door and remove oneself, put oneself in parentheses, as it were, from the rest of humanity. It is a place for reading and thinking, where one's mind wanders easily, where time seems temporarily suspended.” 

Sheila Kohler, The Perfect Place

Benefits of a Bath

Some may consider taking a bath as an indulgence, but there is some great recent research that confirms having a bath has significant health benefits.

Immersing yourself in a tub of warm water can increase your level of wellbeing by normalising your body temperature and circadian rhythms, according to researchers at Freiburg University in Germany.  They researched people who had two afternoon baths of 30 minutes each per week.


Bath Tips:

  • Roll up a towel or bath pillow to place under your head.
  • Grab some soft towels and a bath robe to slip into after the bath.
  • Put on some meditative music.
  • Find your favourite book or magazine.
  • Turn off or silent your phone.
  • Light a candle. The word candle is derived from the Latin words candela and candere which means to shine bright with light.
  • Make sure the bath temperature is just right for you. There are varying opinions on what is the right temperature. You don’t want the bath too hot as it can as it can accelerate your nervous system. If you are pregnant please speak to your doctor for advice on the best bathing practises to keep you and your baby safe.

Bath Tips:
Pamper With Scent

  • Fragrance your bath naturally, try our Lime & Jasmine Bath Bombs or make your own bath bombs.
  • Use our deeply detoxing French Clay Face Mask or make yourself a homemade face mask. Some of our favourite pantry ingredients are honey, avocado, matcha powder, banana, strong coffee, yoghurt, egg whites, oat bran, turmeric almond meal and milk. Just remember, treat the skin on your face delicately.
  • Add a bath and body elixir for a moisturising bath.
  • Bath time is a great excuse to pamper your body, try a full body scrub – get your free Mocha Latte Body Scrub recipe now.
  • Sip on a cup of herbal tea or your favourite beverage to indulge all your senses.

Bath Tips:

  • Breathe deeply, close your eyes and let the world melt away.

Do you have any tips for having the ultimate bath?  We’d love to hear from you if you do.


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