Why I Love Teaching

I love making products for my shops and I also love teaching my craft.

The biggest reason I love teaching is that I am incredibly passionate all things natural, zero waste, sustainable living, cruelty free beauty and encouraging people to DIY for themselves and gifts for loved ones.  I also absolutely love my customers and ever since I started making products professionally (over 15 years ago now), customers kept asking me for workshops.  I love that I can pass it onto one person who can then pass it onto another and yet another and also onto future generations (like the butterfly effect of the natural products and perfumes world).  Then I know my small workshops can actually make a difference in the causes that I care deeply about.

Workshops are also an experience for people to try something that they have never done before and I love that I can be involved in that part of their lives.  If you’re part of a workshop as a group, they’re an intimate way to get to know your friends, family and colleagues.  Often, you’ll find out something from their past history that you never knew as scent has an amazing ability for people to recall memories often as far back as their very early childhood.  Many have fond memories of their parents and grandparents simply by having a whiff of a long-forgotten scent.

I love that together we can be part of the zero-waste revolution.  By making your own products, you are eliminating the need to buy something in excessive packaging as I can easily teach you to upcycle something that you already have.  Some workshop participants have even described this aspect as a “game-changer”.

It is a real joy is when people come and show me their creations.  Especially when children come in and tell me that they’ve been making products for their teachers and friends for gifts.

As the years progress we will be offering more workshops that incorporates, “grow your own” and “from seed to skin”.

We always are very appreciative of your feedback about which workshops you’d like to see in the future.  Feel free to drop me a line to hello@cherie-em.com.  In the meantime, checkout the current offerings of workshops here.  Currently we offer workshops in Soaps, Bath Bombs, Perfumes and Petite Rose Candles.  Soon we will be offering Creams and Body Butters.

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