Unley Shopping Centre’s Mum’s High Treat

What an amazing time we had introducing a group of lovely ladies to Essential Oil blending (in either a Room Spray or Body Oil blend) at this special Mother’s Day event at Unley Shopping Centre.   There were 64 ladies in total who were treated to local delicacies by many of the participating food outlets at Unley Shopping Centre and fabulous champagne by the renowned Serafino Wines of McLaren Vale.

When asked by the Unley Shopping Centre, I was  absolutely honoured. I love independent shopping centres that have a community/village like atmosphere and good parking also. Taren from http://www.thecreative.biz/ put together a fabulous event and her and her team hit the ground running during the event to make sure guests needs were fully catered for. 

Hayley and Lauren from Adelady where the hosts of the event.  They were incredibly warm and receptive and entertaining.  In a pre event interview with them we decided to make a Lime & Mint Body Spray as well as a Rose & Lavender Body Oil for the event demonstration.    Hayley thought the Body Spray smelt like a Mint Mojito!!  The Lime and Mint scents are great pick me ups for people who are on the go all the time.

The music was performed by Charlie who did a beautiful job and at only 13 years of age showed maturity and talent way beyond her years. 

Special thank you to Donna from Market Bunch Flowers who kindly put together some beautiful flowers for the event. 

We all loved smelling the blends that this gorgeous group made.  Some of the blends that I can recall are Ylang Ylang & Bergamot, Cocoa & Jasmine, Lime & Ginger, Mint and Orange plus so many more.  Hope everbody is enjoying their blends.

Research (1) shows that scent is intrinsically linked with an experience and can enhance positive feelings.  I sincerely hope that everybody recalls this wonderful event put on by the Unley Shopping Centre and when using their bespoke blends they recall all the laughter, friendship and warmth of this High Treat event.



Gorgeous setup by Taren and her team.

The lovely Adelady's (Lauren + Hayley) made everyone laugh...A LOT!

Event demonstration with the effervescent Adelady girls, Hayley and Lauren.

Lovely ladies smelling their bespoke blends.

We got to meet the gorgeous guest blogger Sina Lauren (Middle)
Such a beautiful way to record the event.
3 generations of lovely ladies
Cheers ladies!
50 years of friendship *life goals*
A little treat to take home.
We wanted to publish all the lovely photos of the guests but there were too many! Did we photograph you at the event? Get your digital copy by e-mailing hello@cherie-em.com.
Lovely Local Businesses that helped to make this event amazing!
Charlie Wilson


1.       The Role of Odor-Evoked Memory in Psychological and Physiological Health, Rachel Hertz, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5039451/

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