Loofah – a great multi purpose product

There are very few gifts that are vegan, fun, pretty to look at, and good for your skin, while being totally plastic free and producing zero waste.

What is a Loofa?

Many people think that the crazily versatile loofah is a sea sponge. It’s actually a dried vegetable. The loofah plant is a gourd that grows as a vine. As a young plant it is used as food with a similarity to a cucumber or young squash and is also known as Chinese Okras. As the gourd matures beyond being suitable for food, the skin is stripped from the mature plant and the fibrous insides turn into a sponge texture. The sponge is dried and cut into slices, ready for use.

Loofa plant growing on a vine
Loofa sponge from the inside of the mature vegetable

How Do We use Loofas?

One of our loofa soaps - we love the diversity of patterns you can see!

At Cherie Em, we then use these slices to produce our fabulous Loofah soaps that are divinely scented with 100% pure essential oils.

In the shower the Loofah soap is an amazing three-in-one product that cleanses, exfoliates and massages all at once. 

It’s used by massaging towards the heart and avoiding the face and sensitive skin areas. It’s particularly good on the heels of the feet. Your skin will feel delightfully clean and smoother. Customers have reported that it’s good for removing in-grown hairs as well as removing spray tans. Many report a sense of feeling invigorated after using this product. 

When the soap has been used and you’re left with the loofah slice, it makes a great cleaning sponge (just take care on precious surfaces such as marble). This multifaceted product can be used to clean sinks, cupboards, walls, and even shoes. 

After it has been used as a cleaning sponge, it is simply popped into the green waste bin or your own compost bin and it will biodegrade naturally. Perfect for zero waste and plastic free.

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Lemon Myrtle & Tangerine
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